Development + Investment

London Moeder Advisors prepare residential and commercial market and financial feasibility studies. We also analyze real estate investments for prospective investors and prepare investment packages to assist in the marketing of real estate projects and portfolios. Our practice focuses on the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. Our clients include major developers and institutional investors in both the residential and commercial fields.

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Economic + Fiscal Impact Studies

Studies of this type are often mandated by government entities to determine the economic benefits of a new project. The studies generate economic data that documents the benefits of the project and also calculates the number of jobs produced, both during and after completion.

London Moeder has performed economic and fiscal impact studies for a variety of public and private clients. Studies of this type are often mandated by government entities to determine the economic benefits of a new project. The following are a few of the aspects of these studies.

  • Revenue generation projections for new or repositioned projects.
  • Tax and exaction revenue to municipalities as a result of new project.
  • On- site Job Generation during construction and after completion.
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Litigation Support

For the past 20+ years, London Moeder Advisors Principals Gary London and Nathan Moeder have served as expert witnesses in a myriad of real estate-related litigation, both on behalf of defense and plaintiff. Cases inevitably relate to varying opinions on economic losses or gains, market conditions or competency of one or more of the parties. We also provide litigation support for arbitrations and mediations.

  • Expert Witness – Deposition and Trial Testimony for: Valuation, Damages, Proper Professional Practices and Industry Standards
  • Supporting Research & Analysis – Assist Attorneys in Case Strategies, Asset Valuation, Calculated Damages, Financial Feasibility and Proforma Analysis, Market Trends and Conditions
  • Mediation – Negotiate Settlements on Real Property Disputes, Negotiate Settlements for Damages and Loss of Value
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Estate Planning

As the real estate world gains in complexity, we have become far more involved in the determination of real estate asset disposition, dissolution of marital assets, family real estate ownership strategies and succession planning. We work with attorneys, estate planners, financial planners and accountants to solve complex real estate matters.

  • Succession planning for families and businesses
  • Developing  strategies on real estate holdings to meet changing goals
  • Dissolution of marital assets and allocation of holdings
  • Analysis of portfolios and strategies for the future
  • Valuation of investments, properties in development and limited partnership interests
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Gary London is an experienced deal negotiator. Clients regularly benefit from his negotiating skills to achieve the best financial outcome. Applying our firm’s market research and financial analysis capabilities as the backbone, Mr. London has negotiated:

  • Urban deals-Analyzed and sold/ City blocks
  • Large land deals: organized the sale and phased take down of  master plan sites
  • Commercial buildings: Mr. London negotiated and sold a high-rise commercial office building
  • Portfolio sales: analyzed, organized, packaged and sold  real property portfolios on behalf of family trust
  • Investment portfolios: analyzed, prioritized and helped to consummate large portfolio purchase and 1039 exchanges
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