Market Analysis + Feasibility Studies

Supply– Site Assessment, Existing Inventory and Future Development of Competitive Projects

Demand– Demographic Segments, Absorption & Pricing Trends, Economic Environment

Reconciliation – Project Pricing, Market Timing & Capture, Competitive Positioning Strategy

Financial Analysis + Structuring

Financial Feasibility– Project Returns, Debt, Equity & Mezzanine Structures, Residual Land Value

Customized Models– Project Underwriting, Sensitivity Analysis, Development Alternative, Partnership Waterfalls

Fiscal Impact – Sales & Property Tax Generation, Employment Creation and Multiplier Studies, Tax Increment Allocation and Use of Funds

Strategic Advisory

Due Diligence– Financial Statement Audit, Lease Audit, Underwriting, Pricing/Rent Projections, Proforma Analysis, Calculated Residual Acquisition Value

Asset Management– Portfolio Analysis, Investment Strategy, Implementation Strategy, Acquisition/Disposition, Financial Structuring, Cost/Benefit Analysis

Entitlement/Development– Market Analysis, Phasing & Absorption, Financial Structuring, Entitlement Processing, Project Management

Project Design – Product Type & Mix, Finish & Amenity Recommendations, Identification of Target Market, Sales Strategies


  • Interpret complex municipal code constraints and create a politically feasible entitlement strategy
  • Define and engage key community stakeholders and public officials
  • Provide representation at public hearings
  • Build a team of specialists and manage them along a critical path to entitlement
  • Negotiate concessions while protecting the project’s financial feasibility
  • Manage the submittal process through multiple agencies and time lines

Capital Access

Package deals and locate capital utilizing our relationships with existing clients and institutions who are looking for unique real estate opportunities, while constantly building our network of capital providers.