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Region’s Housing Crisis Becomes Economic Crisis

“Regional Housing & Economic Impact Analysis” addressed the disconnect between housing preferences as well as the maldistribution of jobs and housing, particularly in the North County. This study also includes a report by BW Research, which addresses the economic and fiscal implications for the region and local business.

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Facts & Implications of Not Meeting Regional Housing Demand

“Facts & Implications of Not Meeting Regional Housing Demand” concluded that there is an insufficiency in the construction of new housing units, which will continue to fester in the form of higher housing costs and limited product types (mostly multifamily).

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EconoMeter | 2017

Almost every week the San Diego Union-Tribune Business section asks its panel of economists to weigh in on an economic issue of concern to San Diegans. Gary London has been a member of this esteemed panel since 2011.

March 10, 2017 -Defense spending boost: Pros and cons
SDUT’s Question: Is increasing defense spending by $54 billion a good idea?
Gary London’s Answer: No. I suppose any additional funds toward defense filters down to San Diego, but the idea of just throwing money at the military while cutting…Read the Article Here

March 2, 2017 -Qualcomm site: A sports/fun district a good reuse?
SDUT’s Question: Does San Diego’s economy need a sports and entertainment district?
Gary London’s Answer: No. The purpose of such a district would presumably be to (1) lower regulatory hurdles for new development and businesses, and…Read the Article Here

February 23, 2017 -Is ‘Calexit’ a good thing for the economy?
SDUT’s Question: Would California be better off economically as an independent state?
Gary London’s Answer: No. California has never made much sense economically – we are a creative and business state, but we are also an agricultural state. If California broke off, it should…Read the Article Here

February 17, 2017 -Legalized pot: An economic boon to San Diego?
SDUT’s Question: Will the recreational marijuana business have a major impact on the local economy?
Gary London’s Answer: Yes. Legalizing drugs makes them taxable, which benefits all of us. The part I am less certain about is the word “major” as we cannot know at this…Read the Article Here

February 10, 2017 -Trump trade, immigration policies: A hit to San Diego economy?
SDUT’s Question: Would President Trump’s trade and immigration policies harm San Diego’s cross-border economy?
Gary London’s Answer: Yes. Of course. As a border down, we have billions at stake. However, at the moment I am not super concerned, as these policies have…Read the Article Here

February 3, 2017 -Would a soccer stadium give economy a boost?
SDUT’s Question: Should the city approve a soccer stadium development plan for the Qualcomm Stadium site without a public vote?
Gary London’s Answer: No. Now that we are unfettered from the Chargers, the driver should not be the stadium. It should be commerce and housing. Some land could be reserved for a future stadium, but…Read the Article Here

January 27, 2017 -Return of manufacturing jobs: A tall order, says EconoMeter panel
SDUT’s Question: Can President Trump return a sizable amount of manufacturing jobs to the U.S.?
Gary London’s Answer: No. Even if he evens the tariff playing field, it wouldn’t be enough to offset high domestic labor costs and the relentless march of the robots…Read the Article Here

January 20, 2017 -Sinking peso: Danger sign to economy?
SDUT’s Question: Does the sinking value of the Mexican peso pose economic problems for the local and national economy?
Gary London’s Answer: Yes. It poses problems for both. For the local economy, billions of dollars in retail and trade flow to the San Diego region from Mexico. Our relationship with Mexico in…Read the Article Here

January 13, 2017 -Tax noisy vehicles? EconoMeter panelists reply
SDUT’s Question: Should there be a noise tax, paid at the time of purchase, on cars and motorcycles that make excessive noise?
Gary London’s Answer: No. This is a regressive tax that would unfairly penalize Harley owners, and reward owners of Tesla vehicles. There would be no discernible noise…Read the Article Here

January 6, 2017 -Trump Bump: How long will stocks keep rising?
SDUT’s Question: Will the Trump stock market rally continue in 2017?
Gary London’s Answer: Yes. I would not call it the Trump rally. I would call it the post-election, end-of-distraction, all-is-well-with-the-world rally! What this administration does…Read the Article Here