What do we do? We are real estate analysts, economists, strategic consultants and capital providers. We conduct a broad range of market & feasibility studies for developers, investors and lenders. Even public agencies such as cities and special districts utilize our services when they have land use and real estate issues.

Often, we are asked to “package” deals to demonstrate their feasibility to investors and lenders. Often, we can “marry” our clients with deals to our clients with money.

We also have an active practice in providing litigation services — expert witness– on cases involving real estate matters and damages.

What categories of real estate do we concentrate? We don’t. We are generalists with over twenty-five years of experience in conducting studies involving residential, commercial office, retail, hotels, industrial and mixed use projects and investments.

Who are our clients? They are a “who’s who” of the real estate and financial sector throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Where do we do it? We are capable and actively provide these services everywhere. However, most of our portfolio over the years has been in the western U.S. and Mexico.

How do we do it? We have developed and adapted time tested methodologies to conduct our market studies. The work is comprehensive and bullet proof. Our financial pro forma’s are similarly comprehensive and tested on a wide array of real estate development and investment deals.

How much does it cost? That depends on the scope of the assignment. We quote — and commit–to our fees as part of our engagement contract. Most of our work is “fixed fee”, but it is based on the resources and time we commit to the assignment. We also can charge by the hour for consultations or expert witness work.

Why would you hire us? There are at least three reasons to retain us: 1) you need a “third” party, independent firm to confirm your strategies, deal or development prospects, 2) you need us to be your “in house” staff to substitute or augment your own internal capabilities on matters of real estate finance and economics, and 3) you need “senior” strategic advice.

How are we different than other companies providing the same services? We are both “left brained” “right brained”: we understand the numbers, and we also understand people and their propensities. We meld the two. Our strategic solutions involve highly analytical approaches. But in the end, we go to our experience and “sense” of the deal to advise our clients.

Do we ever invest or develop our own projects? Yes. We have other business relationships that are targeted for ventures.