Regional Housing and Economic Impact Analysis Update

London Moeder Advisors has completed this comprehensive analysis which addresses housing issues in the San Diego region and its integrated impact on the overall regional economy in the coming years. This study is an update to our previous study entitled Regional Housing and Economic Impact Analysis (July 2016). The purpose of this report is to [...]

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Moon Shot Needed to Solve San Diego’s Housing Crisis

Synopsis In this paper, I propose that developers, housing advocates and public agencies within the San Diego Region team to create a ten-year plan to build 17,000 housing units per year, a goal of 170,000 housing units, to rebalance supply and demand. If accomplished, pricing would stabilize, young families could be housed and the “crisis” [...]

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A Train Without Tracks: Talking Points on the Impact of AV on Land Use

By Gary H. London Senior Principal, London Moeder Advisors The inevitable arrival of autonomous vehicles (AV), will be a game-changer for Cities and real estate developers.  Here is my breakdown on some of the more interesting possible impacts: On Construction: Enhances Feasibility Our pro forma analysis suggests that the cost of construction would be reduced [...]

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Millennial Segregation

By Nathan Moeder The Millennial generation, our nation’s largest population cohort, is growing up. Born between the early 1980s and 2000, this “bucket” of people which numbers over 82 million, with the oldest being 37 years old. Many demographers and marketing “experts” thought they knew this generation and its life desires. But I believe that [...]

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On being niche

So, you think that smart buildings, permanent youth, always urban, shared working space and tiny homes are forever? Think again. On being niche By Gary H. London The inspiration for this paper is the many changes in our lives and marketplace that people seem to regard as permanent. They mostly are not. Trends and concepts [...]

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Region’s housing crisis becomes economic crisis.

For several years our region’s leaders have researched, discussed and debated the shortage of available housing for the growing population. A new study released by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and authored by Gary London of The London Group finds that the shortage has become an impending economic crisis as well. To read [...]

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Are We Building for Yesterday’s Millennial?

By Nathan Moeder, Principal London Group Realty Advisors There are 77 million Millennials who are approaching 35 years of age. As such, they represent the biggest population “cohort” of any segment in America. They are larger than the Baby Boomers. This is important because the Baby Boomers have powered much of America’s real estate development, [...]

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